What's going on in our Community

SERVPRO of East Davie / Cooper City

SERVPRO of East Davie/Cooper City takes great pride in being a part of the East Davie/Cooper City community. We understand that communities like ours hold America together. We want to do our part by helping those less fortunate. We want to keep East Davie/ Cooper City the best it can be. 

March 2024- The Cooper City Women's Club, Sisters of the Alpha Kappa Sorority, and SERVPRO of East Davie/Cooper City met to discuss comfort drops for Precious Dreams Foundation. We assembled 300 comfort bags that will be distributed to boys and girls in Foster Care facilities. 

April 2022-Autism Awareness\Sensory Awareness Kits

Davie Fire Rescue has created a new resource for patients with autism and SERVPRO of East Davie/Cooper City was grateful to be a part of it. 

The department has created sensory kits to be stored on all rescue units to provide a means of comfort and improve communication when patients with autism are being treated.

SERVPRO East Davie (owned by the father-son team Alan and Adam Greenstein) recently inquired how they could give back to the Town of Davie.

Fire Chief Julie Downey was recently brought the idea of creating a sensory kit by Capt. Michael Alfano. Chief Downey identified this project as being the perfect opportunity to partner with SERVPRO. Capt. Alfano, BC Meyer, and BC Behnam designed these kits to meet the needs our autistic patients and are issuing them to all rescue units.

Capt. Michael Alfano said “As the parent of a child with Autism, I understand and empathize with the challenges of ASD in everyday life.  In the event of a 911 emergency, the Sensory boxes are designed to provide a moment of calm and relief in these stressful situations. I’m so thankful for the support of the  Davie Fire Rescue administration and SERVPRO for helping to bring the sensory boxes to fruition.  I look forward to seeing them on the units and the impact that they will have on our Autism community!

SERVPRO of East Davie/Cooper City said "SERVPRO wants to be with the community at every point of its journey. Alan, Cindy, Adam, Michael, and Eric Greenstein lived in Cooper City for 15 years and then relocated to Davie. The Greenstein family feels deeply connected to the community. From the smallest residential leak to the largest commercial disaster we're prepared to help in your time of need. We want you to think of us as your second responders. We are grateful to be included in this project and look forward to many years of working together."

2021- In the year 2021, our SERVPRO team volunteered for two special events.

   Town of Davie Police - In the fight against Covid-19, we disinfected and deodorized the fleet of police cars.

   Feeding South Florida-We volunteered and assisted with food distribution and donated over 300 lbs. of non-perishable food items.