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10/3/2023 (Permalink)

Big cleanup required after a hurricane rips through house  mesh Verify the status of the contractor before hiring


Here's the scenario. Let's say you did everything right before a hurricane hit. You prepared and protected your family, home, or business. Some might have even had to evacuate to a shelter during the storm. After the storm, you start to assess the damages and need to hire a contractor. This part is critical. Protect yourself from further damage by verifying the status of the contractor you choose. The aftermath of a major storm can attract shady contractors seeking to take advantage of distressed homeowners. Watch out for these red flags when hiring a restoration contractor. ~ They happen to "be in the area" and have leftover material. ~ Their license or insurance information cannot be verified. ~ They demand that you pay in full before they make any repairs. ~ They won't provide references for similar jobs in your area. ~ They offer a large discount but don't state the total cost of the repair. Always verify the status of a contractor's license at

This Is Why Businesses Make The Right Decision To Hire Us

9/5/2023 (Permalink)

Carpet in a Bank hallway being cleanup up from water loss Plantation Bank gets expert and quick cleanup from SERVPRO of East Davie/Cooper City


Worry and frustration were not a concern for the manager of this Bank. Typically water intruding throughout your business could be disastrous. However, the manager of this Bank Building had a plan in place for emergency situations. The plan was to call us, at 954-741-4321. She knew that it was critical to clean up the water promptly so the bank could remain open for business.  

With prior knowledge of our skills, expertise, and equipment our franchise SERVPRO of East Davie/Cooper City was called. Leaving nothing to chance, she needed the job done quickly and correctly. Within two hours of receiving the call, our technicians were working on the job. 

SERVPRO of East Davie/Cooper City cares about our customers. With collectively over 35 years in the water cleanup and restoration business, we have gained the trust of customers.

Now is the time for you to add our phone number to the contacts of your cell phone so you too will feel prepared for emergency situations. 


You Might Not See All The Damage That Water Makes

9/5/2023 (Permalink)

Water damages hiding behind drapes show up inside  walls of Davie home Hidden water damage found in Davie, Fl. home


Water intrusion in this Davie home could have been a serious issue for this homeowner. 

Did you know that water travels to the lowest point in a room?  Water quickly spreads throughout your home and gets absorbed into floors, walls, furniture, drapes, and more. Evidence of water damage could be invisible to your naked eye. SERVPRO has the proper equipment to detect moisture hiding in unsuspecting places.

Two important things to remember, one, don't let water damage linger, and two, know that DIY (Do it yourself) attempts fall short. Prompt cleanup, extraction, and restoration are crucial. 

Our Davie homeowner had no idea of how extensive the damage was in this home until cleaning began.  Immediate response from our technicians helped minimize the damage and cleaning and restoration costs. 

If you experience a water loss, let us help you in your time of need. We can be reached at 954-741-4321 or 954-725-6400 

Hurricane Idalia Blasted Off the 2023 Hurricane Season

8/31/2023 (Permalink)

Man adding SERVPRO of East Davie/Cooper City's phone number in to his cell phone b Now is the time to add SERVPRO'S phone number to the contacts of your phone

Hurricane Idalia has made us more aware of the ongoing hurricane season. It's important to be informed and prepared during this time. 

Keep copies of your insurance information as well as SERVPRO of East Davie/Cooper City's phone number stored in your cell phone. This way if the power goes out you don't have to scramble around searching for these items. 

Start gathering supplies like food, water, medicine, flashlights, batteries, baby supplies, pet supplies, paper goods, a first aid kit, and cash.  Get gas in your cars and fill your BBQ propane tanks. Don't forget to charge your cell phones.  

Just like we countdown 4 3 2 1 before a rocket launches, add 954-741-4321 SERVPRO of East Davie/Cooper City's phone number into the contacts of your phone. This way you can be reassured that you can get cleanup help immediately.


Don't Be Puzzled But Do You Know SERVPRO Offers These Services?

8/31/2023 (Permalink)

A puzzle highlighting services that we perform  Don't be puzzled by the services that we offer at SERVPRO

SERVPRO of East Davie/Cooper City goes way beyond our customers' expectations by offering services that some don't know that we do.

Don't be puzzled!!!! Can you name the services that we offer? 

Most people know that SERVPRO extracts and cleans up water, and remediates mold issues. However, we discovered that residents of Cooper City and Davie don't know the full extent of just how many services we offer. Below is a more complete list.

SERVPRO of East Davie/Cooper City offers:

Fire, Smoke, and Soot Cleanup

Water Removal and Dehumidification

Mold Mitigation and Remediation 

Commercial Water Removal and Cleanup

Residential Water Removal and Cleanup

Cleans Carpets

Air Vent Cleaning 

Remove Odors




Vandalism Cleanup

For over 15 years, our franchise of SERVPRO of East Davie/ Cooper City has been helping customers by responding to their needs in a professional manner. Remember that we're here to help you 24/7/365 including holidays.


Knowing the most common causes of water damage in a home is the best first step in prevention.

9/16/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO removes drywall in Cooper City home to find the cause of the water damage. Cooper City homeowner had a water leak in pipes behind the toilet in the bathroom.

Homeowners in East Davie and Cooper City understand that there are certain inevitable unforeseen costs involved in owning and maintaining your largest asset, your home.  Things break and need repairs, time wears on various parts of the home, and so on and so forth. Water damage, however, is one of those typical house issues that no one wants to deal with. From costly repairs to the headache of restoration, avoiding water damage is of course preferable.

Knowing the most common causes of water damage in a home is the best first step in prevention. If you are aware of what to look out for, you may be able to spot a potential issue before it becomes a big problem. Although some water damage is unavoidable, a lot stems from issues of improper maintenance or doing no maintenance at all. 

Being on the lookout and noticing water damage early saves you money in repair costs. 

Some of the most common things a homeowner can look out for are: 

  1. Sewer lines are backed up
  2. Pipes are leaking
  3. Heavy rains
  4. Toilet leaks
  5. Issues with gutters
  6. Faulty or malfunctioning appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, sinks, and washing machines
  7. Problems with HVAC
  8. Built up pressure in supply lines of washing machines
  9. Water buildup in crawl space
  10. Roof leaks

It's important to check the list above for water damage areas of concern. Knowing what to look for means being proactive in prevention and maintaining your home. If you do spot water damage in your home we are here for you. Don't wait to mitigate. 

954-741-4321 or 954-725-6400


9/7/2022 (Permalink)

SERVRPO of East Davie/Cooper City has a warehouse of state of the art equipment. SERVPRO of East Davie/Cooper City uses state-of-the-art equipment so your job will be done efficiently and correctly.

SERVPRO of East Davie/Cooper City understands the frustration, urgency, and helplessness you might feel coming home and finding yourself standing in ankle-deep water.

SERVPRO is always ready to help.  We are dedicated to restoring your property "Like it never even happened." 


Our professional team of technicians at SERVPRO of East Davie/Cooper City has the education, skills, and experience. Our techs are Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, known as the IICRC. Continuing Education Classes are done to show any new technology or products that are developed in the industry. This improves their knowledge of emergency mitigation for fire, water, and mold restoration and mitigation. 


Not only do we use the proper equipment our technicians have the skills and experience necessary to operate them. Using the proper equipment saves our customers money and gets your property back to normal in a timely manner. We follow restoration methods and processes, answer your questions, and document the loss for your Insurance carrier.

SERVPRO of East Davie/Cooper City cares about each of our customers as if they are the only customer.

Let us help you in your time of need.  Save our phone numbers into the contacts of your cell phone just in case you encounter an emergency situation.  Remember, help is only a phone call away. 

954-725-6400 or  954-741-4321. 


9/2/2022 (Permalink)

Tree falls into a house during a storm. Having SERVPRO of East Davie/Cooper City's phone numbers stored in customer's phone-enabled quick restoration time.


Preparing for storms by protecting your home and loved ones is the key to surviving a tropical storm. However certain damages like a tree falling on your house are not in your control. You need to be prepared for the unexpected.  Add SERVPRO of East Davie/ Copper City's phone numbers into your cell phones now for those emergency situations. 

When a tropical storm or hurricane hits an area hard there will inevitably be some structural and water damage that must be addressed immediately.


SERVPRO of East Davie / Cooper City is always available for your water emergency. No house, commercial building, or job is too big for us to handle. Our technicians are trained to use our state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your job is done right, the first time.  

Some of the most notable things that we are doing include:

  • Water damage repair and restoration
  • Storm damage repair and restoration
  • Removing drywall in damaged areas
  • Interior roof repairs
  • Removing carpet and laminate in flooring that suffered flood damage
  • Removing ceilings to deal with roof damage
  • Repairing flooring with flood damage where everything from the ground up (2-4 feet) must be removed

After the storm hits, don't wait to mitigate.  Call SERVPRO of East Davie/Cooper City.

954-741-4321 or 954-725-6400


8/16/2022 (Permalink)

Water damages in classroom laboratories and offices. Flooding damaged areas in University laboratories and offices in Davie, Florida.

A major University located in Davie experienced flooding in some classroom laboratories and offices.  Having a preparedness plan in place,  and knowing to call SERVPRO of East Davie/ Cooper City immediately, saved this institution time and money.   

In this event, the goal of SERVPRO of East Dave/Cooper City was to dry the areas at the University as soon as possible. We utilized powerful equipment to extract the water from the property so that the surfaces would dry. Moisture was removed from the air, and powerful fans were brought into the business to thoroughly dry out the space. Monitors were used to track the progress so fans and dehumidifiers remained on until the humidity level was restored to normal. That ensured that all signs of moisture were removed from the affected areas before the repair and restoration work began.

Be smart and let SERVPRO be a part of your preparedness plan. Let us show you what sets us apart from our competitors. Save our numbers into your phones now so you won't be caught off guard. 954-741-4321 or 954-725-6400 


8/2/2022 (Permalink)

Destruction from storm damages leaves this house in shambles. So much clean-up to do after the ceiling caves in following a storm.

When a storm is a major event, you'll need more comprehensive restoration support and SERVPRO of East Davie/Cooper City can provide that for you. Knowing that fast mitigation is the key to getting you back in your home, we are experienced to give you the support needed during this devastating time. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. 

We are dedicated to providing our customers with quality service 24/7, rain or shine! 


Protect your property from further damage by making reasonable and necessary repairs. Retain receipts of all expenses related to temporary repairs. Separate damaged property and keep it in a secure location.  A Claims adjuster will need to examine all damaged property to fully estimate your loss. 

Ultimately calling SERVPRO ASAP at 954-741-4321 or 954-725-6400 gives you a quicker response time getting your restoration completed.  


The aftermath of a major storm can attract shady contractors seeking to take advantage of distressed homeowners.  Watch out for these red flags when hiring a restoration contractor. 

  • If they are not affiliated with any recognized trade organization.
  • Their license or insurance or information cannot be verified.
  • They demand that you pay in full before they make any repairs.
  • They won't provide references for jobs in your area.

Save yourself aggravation and headaches and choose SERVPRO of East Davie/Cooper City first and foremost. We have the right equipment.  Our experienced tech knows the procedures and has the training to help ensure the structure is dry the first time, saving you time and money. 

SERVPRO of East Davie/Cooper City:

954-741-4321  or 954-725-6400